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Regale is a Koken site theme designed for publishing photography. The theme prominently features a scrolling, lazy-image-loading grid that automatically adapts its mosaic layout to fit all screen sizes (desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones).

As displayed above, Regale's mosaic grid is customizable through an integrated settings panel. You may adjust the number of columns used on each screen size, as well as adjust the amount of spacing around and between items for tighter/looser grid layouts.

Every album, set, essay and page template has the option of displaying a large, introductory title and background image at the top (see above). These cover images automatically expand to fill the browser window, then scroll out of the way by clicking the cover or scrolling/swiping downward. See this album page for a live example.

Regale's front page displays a grid of featured content by default, but you can replace this front page with a "Splash" template (see above) for displaying either featured content or featured albums. Link colors for these splash pages are distinct from your main site, and may be changed to any color you want. You can also apply a semi-transparent or opaque background to the header/footer on this page.

Every page in Regale is fully responsive and adapts its layout when viewed by a tablet or smartphone, so you don't have to manage two sites or worry about mobile compatibility.

Head over to the Regale example page to see some of the beautiful ways Regale is being used.