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High Line

The "High Line" is a shining example of adaptive reuse in Chelsea, New York. Once used by trains to haul freight in and out of lower Manhattan, the mile and a half elevated platform sat dormant for many years and almost met the fate of a wrecking ball on more than one occasion. Local citizens, architects and designers stepped-in however to save the platform and redevelop it as a public space. It alleviates pedestrian traffic on the street, offers outdoor congregation areas, and gives you a much needed, peaceful break from the asphalt jungle humming below.

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Horses of Argentina

This fall as part of my trip through South America I stopped in Argentina to visit friends and colleagues. One of the popular attractions in the area was a group of Argentinian cowboys who performed demonstrations and tricks for local audiences. The horses were beautiful to watch, and I especially appreciated the color harmony of their burnt-orange hair against the piercing blue Argentinian summer sun. I spent quite a while wandering the grounds and taking photos. Click on any image in the slideshow to view the entire collection.

A Sense of Place

Beautiful short film from filmmaker Max Smith I ran across while perusing Vimeo. Check it out.